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Lindsay Lime

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Awesomeface [Nov. 30th, 2009|01:33 pm]
Lindsay Lime
ring ring!

Lindsay: Hello? cough cough
Charlie: Hey, are you home sick?
Lindsay: Yep.
Charlie: You know what I hear helps with that?
Lindsay: What?
Charlie: Video games.
Lindsay: Do you want to come over and play some?
Charlie: Yes I do!

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Reimporting All My CDs [Nov. 27th, 2009|10:01 pm]
Lindsay Lime
It's that time again. What genres would you call the following?

Luscious Jackson
The Church
Tegan & Sara
Jill Sobule
Lisa Loeb
Sarah McLachlan

I'm tempted to call those last three Lady Singin'. I don't know...I guess they're pop? No, not Jill. Maybe Jill is rock and the other two are pop. Anyway, I'm not opposed to making up genres to fit one band. Your opinions are welcome.
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Roller Derby [Nov. 16th, 2009|01:24 pm]
Lindsay Lime
What a year.
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Paper Lanterns [Nov. 9th, 2009|11:26 pm]
Lindsay Lime
Day 1 of training at Lush done. The bike ride was nice because of the weather. However, note to self: there are a million more stop lights downtown, allow more than the usual 30 minutes for a 5 mile bike ride. Plus throngs of idiot shopping pedestrians. Ugh. The training itself was fine...everyone who works there seems to love it, which is a good sign. I don't understand why we need so many goddamn different soaps and shit, but I guess I'll learn to memorize them.

I am importing all my CDs into my computer again. It broke a few weeks ago and I had to replace the hard drive. I just found a note stuck underneath the plastic tray part of a CD case that says "I will never stop loving Green Day!" Why are teenagers so weird? Hilarious!

Some high quality hang out in the last week has got me feeling less lonely.
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I Will Eat a Bowl of Cherries and Ghost Meat in his Honor [Nov. 4th, 2009|01:56 pm]
Lindsay Lime
So I kind of got a job. I mean I did, but it's a retail job. Whatever. Paycheck, yay. It fell in my lap, so that part was nice. If I'm lucky I'll get to go back to Michigan for Thanksgiving OR Christmas, certainly not both. That part blows. BUT they said my trip to Philly next week is no problem, which is a huge relief.

Nationals! I'm so ready. I wish it were today. My BFF, derby wife, and B-F-Ref all in one room, holy crap. I also have at least two people who have promised me piggyback rides. Oh, PS, I got certified. Obviously, this is going to rule.

I also happened upon a little romance, which was more than welcome. Charlie Egan can suck it for calling me a cougar, because sometimes a girl just needs to be cuddled, man.

So I guess things aren't so bad.
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General Rule [Nov. 1st, 2009|03:08 am]
Lindsay Lime
Making out: better than not making out.
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Grumble [Oct. 23rd, 2009|02:11 pm]
Lindsay Lime
My therapist is moving to Pennsylvania in December. What the fuck? Just when my life is the most stupid and messy. I want to move to Pennsylvania in December! Not to follow my therapist...I think I'm just looking for a geographical cure. Philadelphia is consistently in my short list of places I could move if I wanted/had to.

I hate everything! Not really. I'm just in a bad mood. I want my computer back too.
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Squirrel! [Oct. 21st, 2009|09:21 pm]
Lindsay Lime
I aimed to spend no more than $10 on my Halloween costume.

I came in at around $15. I can live with that.

I'm pretty sure every article of clothing on my body will be a different shade of brown, but oh well.

I keep taking on more and more responsibility in the roller derby, making me want a job less and less, while I get more alarmingly poor. Everything except derby is a mess though, which makes it stressful and boring and nice to avoid.
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Flute Party. Dress Code Will Be Enforced. [Oct. 15th, 2009|03:13 pm]
Lindsay Lime
Got a good idea for cupcakes, and a good idea for a sewing project. That should make me want to get off my butt...but it's so cold outside my covers! And it's not even that cold yet, compared to how it will get in a few months. Why do I live in this city?

And how much does one tip a tattoo artist?

I'm looking forward to Fancy Pants Scrimmage tonight. And everything this weekend! The All-Stars are playing Portland, and the Second Wind is playing Milwaukee. Which means JC and Machete are coming! It feels like it's been forever since we had a bout. I can't believe I'm saying that after reffing three regional tournaments. Anyway, Sunday is hangover scrimmage, and Madison is coming in. Hopefully Riot and Maxx will drive down Saturday night after their respective commitments and we can all have a sleepover at Vroom's new house! After hangover scrimmage we always go to this nearby restaurant for pancakes and waffles, one of my favorite things we do together. And Elke says they may have pumpkin pancakes this time of year!

Sunday night, the Chicago Outfit is having an expo bout. I'm sad their regular season is done for the year. Gnat is going to come out to the expo with me, so yay.

I really should write about all the tournaments I worked. I really should have written about each one right after it happened; it's a lot to process. Just in case I don't, I had an overall excellent experience, and learned a lot. And came away knowing that without a doubt, I love my region the best and am exactly where I belong in derby.

Pretty much every other aspect of my life, however...not really sure what the french toast I'm doing with myself.
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"Feelin' All Emo" [Oct. 1st, 2009|11:49 am]
Lindsay Lime
[music |The Unlovables]

I'm a pop punk girl!
I like sunny days, stupid jokes, and a good Ramones song
I'm a pop punk girl
Normally good for a laugh
But without you, there's something wrong
I'm feeling all empty, and I'm feeling all sad
How could I give up the one good thing that I had?
Feelin' all lonesome, but what can I do?
I'm feelin' all emo since I broke up with you

I mean, you know, not all the time. Just some of the time.
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"Cavalier Eternal" [Sep. 16th, 2009|01:00 am]
Lindsay Lime
[music |Against Me]

Girl, I'm sorry, but I'm leavin'
We're both at fault, we're both to blame
And it wasn't the other men, 'cause there were other women
This just isn't love
It's just the remorse of a loss of a feeling
Even if I stayed, it just wouldn't be the same
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Matching PJs [Sep. 5th, 2009|11:39 am]
Lindsay Lime

Al is gone. She's leaving on her bike trip, with zero plan of when she might ever come back. I'm trying to believe I'll see her again.

She left me her goddamn dinosaur hoodie and it's almost too much to bear.

I hate crying alone and I hate that I have so much shit I have to do today. I just want to hide in my room for a few hours.
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Food [Aug. 29th, 2009|01:56 pm]
Lindsay Lime
I'm house sitting for people who have money and care about things like good food. This is what I've had to eat today.

Breakfast: organic eggs, organic whole wheat toast, pineapple chunks, organic milk

Lunch: Tofurkey sandwich with organic cheddar cheese and leafy lettuce on a French roll, carrot (like a real carrot as long as my forearm, which I had to scrub the dirt off and cut the top off of), water

Today is bout day! I am so happy I get to eat all this really good food on a day that I have to skate so much. And I'm liking the steps I have to put into preparing a meal. It makes it more satisfying to eat.

Next week I'm going to apply for food stamps again. Last time they said I had too much income (don't get me started on THAT), but now that hours have been way cut down at the soap shop, I should qualify for sure. For the last couple weeks I've been figuring out my meals one at a time, not having money to really go grocery shopping, and stuffing my face if I'm at anyone's house who has food. Anyway, assuming I get those food stamps, I'm going to try to start caring and thinking more about what I eat, and not shying away from meals that require more than three minutes of energy to prepare. Honestly, I think part of why it's enjoyable over here at Annie's is because they have tons of counter space. Our kitchen is always a mess, with either dishes or just crap on every surface, and if I have any desire to cook at all, it's usually dashed with the thought of having to clean/move the crap to another surface. I don't know why it's so hard to just keep the place non-disgusting.

But seriously, this Good Food Weekend is really making me feel like I want to keep the house, or at least the kitchen, cleaner and be better about preparing food, and eating things that aren't creepy/super processed/etc, and if I can get food stamps, I won't have an excuse not to. I hope it lasts.
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Ugh [Aug. 20th, 2009|11:29 pm]
Lindsay Lime
Boys: even more annoying today than they were two days ago.
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Whateva [Aug. 19th, 2009|02:10 am]
Lindsay Lime
Boys are stupid. F 'em.

Gods know I have tried to be a lesbian, but it never works for very long. And girls are really no less trouble.

Too bad making out and cuddling rules. Exasperated sigh. Etc, etc.
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The Gnomes are Under the Butterscotch Waterfall [Jul. 7th, 2009|06:18 pm]
Lindsay Lime
I just used a paper clip for a toothpick. I am so ready for this evil tooth to be out of my life. The hole is roughly the size of a kernel of corn, so you can imagine it traps most everything I eat. In the last few days, the pain has gone from annoying to other-worldly, causing me to actually go to the ER in search of relief. It comes out Thursday. In the mean time, I really have to remember to bring toothpicks with me everywhere.

Two weekends ago was the East Coast Derby Extravaganza. It was just as awesome as last year! My schedule rocked, and I took every assignment I was given as a compliment. It felt great. Jimmy got awesome jobs too, jam reffing and head reffing! I got to room with my derby wife, whom I almost never see. I got to meet some folks I've been online buddies with for a while, and see lots of other friends for the first time since tournament season. I met someone who's a more aggressive flirt than I am! That was totally fun. And every time I get to see Matt, I feel is a step in the transition out of dating and back into friendship. Even though it still makes me sad sometimes, I know we'll last a lot longer as B-F-Refs than we would have as sweethearts.

After that, Jimmy and I drove up to Brooklyn for a few days, since we were so close by. We stayed with his BFF Kat and her partner Mimi. It was a great trip. I'm so happy I finally got to meet Kat. She and Mimi were super duper hostesses and took good care of us. I got to see lots of other parts of Jimmy's life there and had a generally lovely time. It definitely redeemed all of my semi-failed New York City trips in the past.

On the way home, we got stopped by the meanest cops in the world. I don't even want to get into the stupid story, but it ended with the car being impounded, and us being stranded somewhere in New Jersey. (Don't bring Brillo pads into the Garden State, kids; they're drug paraphernalia!) Oh, and this was shortly after my ER visit. Happy fucking fourth of July. We took a train back into New York, I redeemed my free flight to get home the next day. Jimmy finally got the situation straightened out today and is on his way home in the car now.

Oh, AND: one of the best things about ECE was one of my KCRW buddies Amy was lamenting that their refs aren't really ready for the important bout they have coming up against Baltimore, and in the course of the conversation, invited Jimmy and I to come ref the game! KCRW happens to be the league of one of my very best friends, Meredith, so this was exciting on many levels. I thought there was no way I'd get the weekend off work, since I had just taken like 10 days off, but they only needed me Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week! So I'm going! Hopefully Jimmy too, assuming he doesn't run into any more trouble getting back to Chicago, and still has the energy for it. Matt is also going, giving the KCRW refs a training, and working the game, so I scored a ride with him. So not only do I get a road trip with one or two of my favorite people, and get to ref a bad-ass game, I get to see Meredith and stay in her new house!!! It really makes it hard to be upset for long about any of the other bullshit in my life. I'm a lucky girl.
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I Feel Old [Jun. 8th, 2009|10:05 am]
Lindsay Lime
Tom graduated high school on Saturday. I really can't believe it; my "little" brother is 18 and done with high school. In the fall he'll be starting at the International Academy of Design and Technology to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Game Production. I can picture him so clearly at the kitchen table at age 9 or 10, drawing on page after page "designing" video games. He would line the pages up side-by-side to show me how the whole level went. Now he's living the dream.

He came back to Chicago with me yesterday, and we brought his best friend Kora too. They are my favorite kids on earth.
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For the Record, None of This Means I Don't Still Eat WAY Too Much Sugar :) [Jun. 2nd, 2009|03:27 pm]
Lindsay Lime
I've tried to stop shaving my armpits a few times, and I can never quite get comfortable. But I'm going to try again, because lately I just get really irritated when I do shave them. And if I feel the need to shave, it's usually the kind of day where I feel the need to put on deodorant too, which is especially irritating. So I'm on shaving strike for a while; we'll see if it lasts this time.

I used to be the kind of person who HAD to shower every single day. I've really let go of that in the last two years or so. Part of it is just not caring if I smell bad, I guess. But also, Meredith was telling us about how it's not good for you to wash your hair every day. I get seriously greasy hair, so I was skeptical about this. But I started washing my hair about 2 or 3 times a week, and after a period of adjustment, it's working out great. I can't even tell the difference on the day after a shower. Plus, my shampoo lasts longer! Poverty WIN.

I am also sort of physically fit for the first time in my life. I didn't do that on purpose; it just happened when I decided to start using my bike as my primary mode of transportation, and when I started reffing for the roller derby. It cracks me up to think about when I started, and would say "I'm just a ref," thinking I wouldn't work as hard and didn't need very good skates. We skate more than they do! Not only do we skate for the entire game, while the skaters rotate in and out, but we have double headers, so the refs skate for TWO entire games. (This is not to say we work harder than they do; they are playing a full contact sport and we are just watching them). Anyway, for a while this being-in-shape thing was a fun novelty, but lately it makes me want to improve on that situation even more. Like I want my arms to be strong like my legs. I suppose this is all a good thing, it just makes me feel weird when I take a step back and think about it.
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L-I-S-T That spells a list. [May. 21st, 2009|09:46 pm]
Lindsay Lime
Things to Do Tonight and Tomorrow:

Put my new inner tube and tire on my bike
The dishes (ALL of them!)
Bake cupcakes?
Get my clothes off the bathroom floor
Organize storage space during daylight hours
Pick up bedroom?
At least pick up all the clean clothes that are strewn about my room and closet
Figure out if I have enough money to buy kitty litter; buy it if I do
Clean out "Kitty Corridor" litter box area
Write a little report on the Walk & Roll for the WCR blog
Put winter coats, scarves, and hats away
Laundry! Probably only have enough quarters for one load...prioritize everything I've borrowed from Cathy this week, plus ref jersey, and cool red vest I got out of the trash
Call UIC College of Dentistry...hopefully talk to a human this time
Take recycling?
Go to the Bailout at the Cunt Collective

OK I'm getting out of hand. That sounds like enough. Now off to procure a treasure from the Boo Radley house!
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Also [Apr. 19th, 2009|01:41 am]
Lindsay Lime
I want to make a mix CD for my dad and Jani for their wedding-thing. Any suggestions? So far, I've got:

Do You Realize? - The Flaming Lips
The Nature and the Wreck - Mates of State
God Only Knows - Beach Boys
Become One Anything One Time - The Promise Ring
You're My Best Friend - Queen
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