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Lindsay Lime

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Half Day Off! [Apr. 18th, 2011|11:51 pm]
Lindsay Lime
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]
[music |The Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack]

This morning when I called work to find out which dogs I would be walking in what order, as I always do, they told me they would cover my route today if I wanted. I didn't have to take the day off, but I could if I felt like it. Uhh...OK. So I took it, since I had to work 4-10 at Lush anyway, and it's generally better to NOT work 12 hours than to work 12 hours. I paid the universe back by accomplishing these things:

Two loads of dishes
Folded all the clothes in my dresser, which the cats had turned into nests
Got rid of two pairs of pants and four sweaters in the process
Worked on a T-shirt surgery that I started literally years ago, didn't get it finished but super close!
Biked to meet the person covering my route, to give her my keys
Stopped at the Food Hole for Earth Balance, and stocked up on Luna Bars so I don't have to buy them for a while
Went to the post office to pick up a passport application
Pet a nice dog tied up outside the post office, then fell in love with him and sat on the sidewalk playing and wrestling with him for like 15 minutes
Came home and made lunch and watched "The Office"
Went to Walgreens, bought toilet paper, got my passport photo taken
Ate a snack

And then it was off to Lush. It's so rarely that I fall asleep really pleased with what I got done in a day. I'm super happy I didn't just sit on my computer all day, telling myself I'm getting derby work done. THE END.